What is The Urban Survival Chick’s Idea of a Hot Date?

Don’t struggle with ideas on where you should go for a nice date with your man or woman anymore.  Keep it simple and just go to the shooting range.

USC Date Night

This post is to inspire you to have fun and grow as a couple with your mate.  Your quality time together should be a moment to relax and enjoy each other’s company, AND help you take your relationship to the next level. When you both know how to shoot well and work together tactically against a threat, you can truly have each others backs.  Going to the shooting range for a date is a fun way to learn a valuable skill and show your love to your partner.

How do you make it fun? Well for starters shooting guns is fun even if you are by yourself.  My favorite range, Oaktree Gun Club, actually has a nice lodge with a great restaurant.  They serve good food and beer.  We often reward ourselves with a romantic dinner by the fireplace after we are done at the range.  But, you can make things interesting and challenge your partner with a little competition .  For instance, the winner is the one who gets the most consecutive shots on your steel targets.  The winner could be the partner who gets the most accurate head shots or does the fastest reload.  The loser gets to give the winner a back rub when you get home.  OR… the loser has to clean the guns when you get home.

I’ll let you guys decide on what motivates you to sharpen your shooting skills.  Hey, a little competition never hurt nobody.

Me and my man train together at the range every chance we get.  All our friends joke with us and say they would never want to break into our house.  I take that as a compliment.  We are stronger as a couple because we chose to not to let anyone mess with our family.  We can do that better as a team.

Let me know if you have any questions or stories on going to the range with your partner.

To Your Surviving and Thriving,

MaryAnne Morcos, The Urban Survival Chick

The Urban Survival Chick

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