What is Custom Stippling and why Should You Get on Your Firearm?

Stippling is an enhancement on your firearm where a soldering iron is used to burn dots into the polymer frame of your handgun.  The dots leave a raised surface that gives the frame, fore end, or anywhere else you chose to stipple your gun a nice texture. 

Stippling can be done with tiny dots or with a more aggressive pattern like I have on my Glock 19 in this picture.  Before you ask, yes it is pink.  My buddy Anson Beck of Falcon Operations Group did a special custom 2 tone pink paint job for me.  I also have plain black, as well as olive drab and coyote brown paint jobs but this pink one is my favorite.

G19 Pink Stipple 2

I believe you should be able to shoot well with a stock gun.  However, there are a couple of enhancements that I do like and stippling is one of them.  The pattern stippling leaves really enhances the grip and the feel of reference points on your gun. In case you didn’t know, a solid strong firing grip is essential to getting good consistent shots on your target.  So if you have been on the range and your hands get sweaty or wet because it is hot or raining outside, then stippling will really help you. 

I get stippling on all my handguns.  The pattern I get as you can see in the picture focuses on the right side of my grip which is great for concealed carry. I shoot right handed and leaving the stippling on the right side of the grip ensures it doesn’t rub on my clothing when I carry on my body.

Once you start stippling you will not want to shoot a firearm any other way!

If you want to know how to get in touch with my friend who does this fine work for me or any other questions about how stippling helps my training let me know by leaving your comments here.

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MaryAnne Morcos, The Urban Survival Chick

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