Fight Back like Chuck Norris!

I love to channel the spirit of Chuck Norris.  You might remember the famous scene of Chick Norris’ long running show Walker Texas Ranger where he fought a bear with his bear hands.  In the United States an actual polar bear attack is not likely, but a physical attack or assault may feel like a ferocious beast is about to eat you for dinner.

USC Fights Polar Bear

As you can see the polar bear is not alive.  Maybe I am stating the obvious but I was having fun at my favorite shooting range and I thought this would be a good metaphor to talk to you about the fighting mindset.

In this instance I have a threat in front of me in the form of a polar bear.  The fight is on but do I back down? NO!  When you are confronted with a threat your instinct might be to run.  If you can safely get out of harm’s way do it.  Don’t let your ego tell you you have to puff up your chest and show off for your buddies. 

However, if a criminal is charging at you full steam ahead the best thing you can do in my mind is fight back and let them know you won’t be easy prey.  You might get hurt but your chances of living to tell your story are far greater if you fight back.

I would rather end up with a black eye or a broken rib and have the criminal laying on the ground wondering what the hell happened than the other way around.  Give the criminal the beating of their life or if you are trained to carry a firearm and you feel using it is justified, you are within your rights to use it appropriately.  It is your right and your responsibility to protect yourself. 

Too often people tell me, “MaryAnne, I don’t want to hurt anyone!” I say that is too bad for the criminal.  They are the one who made the dumb decision to come after you.  They don’t deserve your kindness or mercy. 

Fight back as if a Polar Bear were attacking you.  You owe it your family to do whatever it takes to get home safe.

To Your Surviving and Thriving,

MaryAnne Morcos, The Urban Survival Chick





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