Urban Survival Chick at The Grammy Awards with NO Ghillie Suit!

Every Year I am blessed with the opportunity to attend the annual Grammy Awards show in Los Angeles, CA.  This is one of the few days per year I will put away my camouflage clothes and face paint, and put on a pair of high heels.

USC at Grammy's 2013

I don’t normally wear high heels but I do make an exception to attend Grammy Events!  As members of the recording academy my man Jorge Bueno and I love to support music of all genres.  In fact, the students that attend our live workshops and seminars tell us one of the best things at our events is the break music.

The whole Grammy Team does an amazing job of putting the show together.  I will do my best to set a new fashion trend by going to the Grammy Awards in a furry flowing Chewbacca looking”Ghillie Suit” next year.  Wish me LUCK getting through security wearing that thing!

I will bring you more as the Urban Survival Chick hits the Red Carpet at the Grammy’s next year!

To Your Surviving and Thriving,

MaryAnne Morcos, The Urban Survival Chick




The Urban Survival Chick

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