Preparing our Kids to Protect Themselves!

Our children are our most precious assets.  Teaching your kids to the self defense skills to protect themselves will not only boos their confidence, but it will give you peace of mind.

   One of the biggest mistakes we make with children is underestimating their resilience and intelligence.  We all want our kids to be polite and respectful but in the right situations.  No one wants to see their kids bullied or abducted so why don’t we teach them to fight back when they need to?  You won’t be there with them every waking second, especially when they go to school. 

Here are some tips to begin a dialogue with your kids about bullying, crime, and the real dangers in your communities.

1. Talk to your kids about crime and the potential dangers they face.  Stop sheltering your kids from bad news. They are stronger than we think.  We have to be frank with them and let them know it is not okay for anyone to touch them inappropriately, not even family.  Help them understand not all adults should be trusted.

2. Let your kids know it is okay to get angry at a person trying to hurt them. We all want our kids to be polite, have good manners, and act respectfully towards others.  However, we have to show them the power of being angry or getting “mean” to protect themselves.  In certain instances foul language may be necessary.  The infamous four letter words can really intimidate people and actually save your kid from having to get into a physical fight. 

3. Teach your kids the skills to physically fight back against an attack.  Teach them to kick, scream, and struggle.  Criminals don’t like victims that will give them a hard time.  One of the most important things you can do is get your kids into martial arts.  They will build strength and confidence and learn to stick up for themselves. 

4. Practice your kids’ self defense plan.  Talk to your kids about different scenarios that come up in their school or your neighborhoods.  Go over escape maneuvers or have them show you what they learned in martial arts class.  Make sure you go over your plan again and again.  Don’t just set it and forget it.

Share your thoughts and comments on what steps you have taken or will take now to teach your children to be safer and stick up for themselves.

To Your Surviving and Thriving,

MaryAnne Morcos, The Urban Survival Chick


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