New Jersey Woman is Victim of Vicious Beating all is Caught on a Nanny Cam!

This is a sad story about a woman in New Jersey who was home with her young kids when she was viciously attacked by a man who burst into her home and began giving her a serious beating.  This all happened in front of her daughter who was watching TV on the couch.  Things ended with the guy pushing her down the stairs to the basement.

I have to warn you this video is very graphic but watching it will teach you a valuable lesson.

When she was interviewed the woman said she chose to take the beating and let the guy do whatever he wanted so he would not go after her kids.  That is NOT the choice I would have made.  It is obvious she didn’t have any firearms or self defense training.  Now she and her kids are traumatized.  This incident will affect her, her kids, and her husband for the rest of their lives.  It will have consequences for their marriage that affect the intimacy of the relationship all the way to the decisions they make about parenting their children. 

There are several things that could have happened to prevent this woman and her family from being victims that day.

1. They should have had an alarm system that was on and armed while they were in the home.  The news reports about this story show an ADT truck in the driveway after the incident when it was already too late.  If the alarm company sign didn’t stop the bad guy the sound of the alarm going off would probably have scared him away.

2. They should have had some self defense training.  Learning how to fight helps instill the mindset that you have a duty to protect yourself and react if someone attacks you.  This guy was bigger, stronger, and more determined than this woman.  She did what she knew how to do which was nothing.  She defaulted to a victim mentality because that is how she was wired.  I have heard countless stories of people who fought back against an assault and the bad guy gave up because their “victim” was too much trouble.  See bad guys are lazy, they don’t like to work too hard and this woman made home invaders job real easy.

3. They should have invested in a firearm and some gun training classes.  I am not a cop but I believe the investigators and a jury would have found this woman justified in shooting this man in self defense.  There is now way she could out muscle him and it is apparent that he was there for more than just taking her television.

I wish this woman well as she and her family recover from this incident.  I hope they look carefully at their strategies for personal protection now and make sure this never happens again.  Let this story be a lesson for you to prepare now so you never become a victim of a violent attack like this one.

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To Your Surviving and Thriving,

MaryAnne Morcos, The Urban Survival Chick



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