General James Mattis Words of Wisdom!

No warrior was ever created without a master.  A teacher who showed them the ropes and helped them step into their manhood, or womanhood. 

As part of my morning spiritual ritual I like to reflect on what my masters have taught me while I put on some black face paint, wrap a bandana around my forehead, sharpen my knives, and meditate.

Here is a quote from General James Mattis, USMC.

Genral James Mattis Quote

These are words to live by for sure.  As a warrior and strong individual who is preparing to survive dangerous situations you must have the ability to react and put down a threat that could come at you at any given moment.  You can respect people and their individuality but you don’t have to be friends with everyone.

I assume everyone is a potential criminal.  From the old man crossing the street with a cane to the professional looking woman wearing a business suit.  You never know who or what might pose a threat to your family.  Don’t get sucked in by social norms that dictate you have to say “Hello, how are you?” to every Tom, Dick, and Susie.  Criminals will try to catch you off guard with small talk and get close enough to attack you. 

Don’t let yourself get caught off guard by being the NICE guy or gal.  Remember what General James Mattis said, “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”

To Your Surviving and Thriving,

MaryAnne Morcos, The Urban Survival Chick

The Urban Survival Chick

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