Female Firearms Training Advice!

      One of the questions I often get asked by women is “MaryAnne, as a woman can I really handle a gun?  Can I learn to shoot a firearm just as good as my husband?

     The answer is……..Absolutely YES.  Many women have the misconception that they are not strong enough physically to shoot or handle a gun, or that home defense and protecting the family is the man’s job.  That is ridiculous.  When was the last time you spent every waking hour with your husband, boyfriend, or father?  How many single mothers or single females are out there living on their own?  What about when you send your daughters off to college?  Will daddy or mommy be there to protect them?  No. You only have yourself to count on in any given moment. Besides what man wouldn’t think their woman is sexy when she can have his back in a dangerous situation? 

Here is a video of me shooting steel targets on the range at 25 yards with my Glock 19.

       As you can see I like to have fun on the range.  I wasn’t able to shoot like that overnight.  When you have a good mentor that can teach you how to shoot the right way you will have a great time at the range too.

       Women ask me “Will I be strong enough to shoot the gun well?”  YES!!!!   When I train with my firearms my training runs anywhere from 8 to 48 hours.  I spend a lot of time standing, running, changing positions, doing drills on the move in awkward positions, and at times under extreme weather conditions like very hot and dry desert climates.  It doesn’t matter what size you are or how old you are, I can teach you how to use your body effectively to properly hold the firearm and handlee the recoil.  You must learn to use your body the right way to maximize your efficiency and conserve energy so you can shoot over several hours or days with frequent rest breaks of course.  Your body and eyes naturally fatigue after a few seconds of consistent practice.  Besides, if you ever have to face a threat, and I pray that day never comes, chances are the gun fight will only last a few seconds and with adrenaline pumping through your body I know you will summons the strength to fire off a couple of effective rounds to stop your attacker. 

          More and more females are entering and dominating the fields of competitive shooting.  The percentage of women in law enforcement and the military is increasing. Women are also being portrayed in television and film as lead action heroines that know how to fight and shoot.  So gone are the days of Susie homemaker stay at home mom that bakes pies all day and wears an apron. 

          The new face of today’s woman is prepared for battle and can handle herself in dangerous situations.  Besides most of my students have been female and they are better shots than men on their first time at the range.  Women are great students and don’t have anything to prove to anyone but themselves. Of course men are allowed to train too if they are up for it.  Most of the time men are worried about being the best and fastest and I don’t have time to babysit their egos.  If they are teachable and open minded they are certainly welcome to a co-ed firearms class and certainly to my seminars and workshops. 

I believe “A family that trains together, shoots together, and prays together…. stays together”.

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          So ladies, as sisters in arms we must get trained and support each other.  If you have a personal experience where you used a firearm to defend yourself or any questions about firearms training share them here.  I hope to see you on the range someday soon.

To Your Surviving and Thriving,

MaryAnne Morcos, The Urban Survival Chick

The Urban Survival Chick

MaryAnne Morcos, has been dubbed by the media as “The Urban Survival Chick.” She is an NRA certified firearms instructor, physical therapist, and hypnotherapist. She leads powerful workshops and seminars that enable executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and families to “Refuse To Be A Victim” and protect themselves and their assets when it matters the most. When you train with the Urban Survival Chick you will learn her 3 P’s of personal safety and survival: Prepare, Prevent, and Protect! Prepare your inner game and confidence to handle emergencies and threats to your safety. Prevent dangerous situations from happening to you and your family. Protect yourself and those you love when it matters the most. To read her full Bio CLICK on the ABOUT tab. To get more information about The Urban Survival Chick and how to train with her visit the following sites: Visit The Urban Survival Chick’s Blog: http://UrbanSurvivalChick.com Subscribe to the Urban Survival Chick’s Youtube Videos: http://youtube.com/urbansurvivalchick Find MaryAnne on Facebook: http://FacebookMary.com Follow MaryAnne on Twitter: http://TwitterMary.com Sign up for a Firearms Class: http://CodexDefensive.com