New York Senate Approves Gun Ban Bill

New York is getting crazy about gun control.  The recent Senate Bill approved by the New York Senate is going to limit magazines to 7 rounds.  How did they come up with that number? Everybody that knows anything about firearms understands this really means 5-6 rounds because you never load a magazine to full capacity so you don’t put too much pressure on the springs.  What is next?  When is the government going to listen to the people and follow crime statistics that show in regions where the strictest gun control exists crime rates skyrocket?  Please read this post, share with your friends, and spread the word if you want to do something about this.

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BREAKING: New York Senate Approves Gun Ban Bill

The New York Senate has just approved the new gun bill that bans a wide range of semi-automatic firearms (like most of them), limits all magazines to seven rounds and removes the grandfather clause on “high capacity” magazines. Empire State Senate Republicans said they wouldn’t block the bill. And so they didn’t. The New York Times reports that “the state Senate, controlled by a coalition of Republicans and a handful of Democrats, approved the legislative package around 11 p.m. by a vote of 43 to 18. The Assembly, controlled by Democrats, has been strongly supportive of gun control. It planned to vote on the measure on Tuesday.” After which the bill will head to the Governor to sign. Which he will. Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Massachusetts will no doubt pass similar legislation, despite its unconstitutionality. More news as it breaks . . .


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