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California Assembly Bill 711 Threatens the Future of Hunting

California Tree Huggers Threaten to Ban all Lead Ammunition for Hunting with Assembly Bill 711.  Hunters Beware, if this bill passes, the state of California will try to ban the sport of hunting all together.  OPPOSE this bill!

On September 8, 2013  The National Rifle Association – Institute for Legislative Action reported an update on the state of California Anti Gun and Anti Hunting bills scheduled to be heard on the Senate and Assembly floors.  

The NRA reported the following about Assembly Bill 711:

Assembly Bill 711 would make California the first state in the nation to prohibit the use of ALL lead ammunition for hunting.  Extensive research has shown that traditional lead ammunition does NOT pose a health hazard for hunters.  Please communicate the following facts to your Senator as reasons to OPPOSE AB 711: 

  • Federal and state health department studies have concluded that lead ammunition is not a human health risk, and a recently released peer reviewed study out of Sweden indicates that there is no human health risk to people who consume wild game harvested with lead ammunition.
  • Despite 99% hunter compliance, the AB 821 lead ammunition ban has failed to reduce lead poisoning in condors.
  • AB 711 fails to address the alternative sources of lead in the environment that are poisoning condors and other wildlife.

Even if one is not a hunter, recreational shooter or gun owner, those who enjoy nature by bird-watching, hiking or camping benefit from hunting excise tax dollars through the Pittman-Robertson Act.  According to the California Department of Finance, AB 711 could cost California $34 MILLION in lost revenue and federal funding, not the $45,000 claimed by lead ammunition ban advocates.  That is only the tip of the iceberg.  The state Department of Finance figure does not include loss of jobs, reduction in taxes from decreasing hunting-related expenditures or the likely increase in cost to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to hire more wardens to enforce the lead ammunition ban.

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Yet again the politicians are writing anti gun bills and making legislative decisions that are not based on facts.  They really like to ignore research, evidence, and statistics when it comes to gun laws and regulation.  What are they thinking?  

By going after hunters and the hunting sports these paper pushing politicians are destroying the ability for you and I to be self reliant.  You don’t need to live in the country to understand the importance of hunting animals to feed your family.

Hunting is not just a sport, it is an invaluable skill that will save your life if there is some national crisis and the stores no longer have food on the shelves.  When the defecation meets the oscillation, getting food will be on the top three of your “To Do List.”  If you can trap and hunt animals, know how to skin them, and are able to prepare them for some good eatin’ over a fire you will be the hero in your house. 

Please help us real men and women preserve our spot on the hierarchy of the food chain.  Man was born to hunt and eat animals.  Don’t let California take away our ability to protect ourselves and feed our families.

Take the time to voice your opposition to this bill and all the other anti gun bills.  You can find contact info for your state Senator and Assemblymen here

To Your Surviving and Thriving,

MaryAnne Morcos, The Urban Survival Chick



11 Year old Girl Defends Herself with a Pink Rifle!

Here is a “Guns Save Lives” Story.  A Brave 11 Year old Girl Defended Herself Against 3 Armed Burglars with a Pink Rifle.  The lesson here is teach your children about Firearms Safety and Shooting Fundamentals because you may not always be there to defend them!

I came across this story and was so proud of this young lady.  Alyssa Gutierrez was left home alone briefly one day when 3 armed burglars broke into her home.  She tried to hide and avoid confrontation but the bad guys eventually saw her.  When she was left with no choice she ran to get her mom’s pink rifle and confidently pointed the rifle at the thugs.  That was enough to send these criminals a message.  The burglars ran out of the house, jumped the fence, and were quickly apprehended by the police.  Thank goodness this story had a happy ending and highlights how guns can be used for good.

Students that come to me for firearms training often wonder if they should bring their kids to the range.  I tell them “YES!” Start educating your kids about firearms at an early age.  We really underestimate how smart kids are when it comes to firearms.

If children are trained at a young age to respect a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, they are less likely to do something dangerous out of curiosity.  Just think one day they will be teenagers.  They have been exposed to violent video games, cop shows, and military themed action movies in the years when their minds are the most suggestible.  They have been idolizing action starts and the Hollywood version of gun fights and tactics which are usually unrealistic.  They go to their friend’s house one day and their buddy tries to sneak a little show and tell with daddy’s gun.  If your child had been trained to respect guns early on they would know how to make sure the gun was unloaded, field strip it or leave it in a safe condition, then go tell an adult in the house. 

The young girl in this particular story was lucky that she had been trained to use the Pink .22 Long Rifle only a few days before this home invasion took place.  If she didn’t take such quick action she could have been badly hurt or worse.

Share this video with your kids and spouses.  Leave your comments or questions here.  I hope this post will inspire a serious discussion about starting to teach your children firearms safety fundamentals.  Don’t leave your child’s safety to chance.  You won’t always be there to protect them.

To Your Surviving and Thriving,

MaryAnne Morcos, The Urban Survival Chick

Sept. 2013 – 4 Day Defensive Handgun Class is SOLD OUT!

Attention brothers and sisters, and friends of The Urban Survival Chick.  My next 4 Day Defensive Handgun Class taking place September 20-23, 2013 is officially SOLD OUT.  A group of students and I will be in the Nevada desert for 4 days of intensive instruction with our handguns.  If you missed out this time but you still desire to have the ability to take care of your family….do what you can to be at the next event .

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Even if you are looking to start with a 3 Hour Introductory Firearms Training class check the calendar for the next dates.  My goal is to train as many people as possible to understand and respect firearms, and to use them properly.  If you have a group, family, or business team you would like to bring for a select date not on the calendar send me a private message to

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